YouStar Video Kit



Designed for filming on the go with your smartphone, you can mount the Rig on any tripod, allowing you to capture smooth, cleaner shots easily

Must have accessory for mobile video makers and content creators who want to make truly fantastic, professional looking films or indeed anyone wanting to improve their phone filmmaking skills

2 universal 1/4″- 20 tripod threads, one at the bottom which means that you can attach it onto the Video Tripod, with Slider, Jib and Stabilizer horizontally, and another to the right, which allows you to attach it to a tripod vertically

No more shaky movement, or fumbling as you create your high quality, professional content

3 Standard Shoe Mounts means that you can attach LED Lights and a Video Microphone onto the Rig

Features & Benefits:

  • Handheld shots can be made stable and smooth.
  • Practical and comprenhesive design – it has provision to attach a microphone and led flash light.
  • 2 tripod threads allows both horizontal and veritical mounting.
  • Light and compact to carry and use.
  • Time and money saver as you can install everything you need on the one rig.
  • New improved design is robust, with a more comfortable handle grip.
  • Spring clip and secure screw lock makes all attachments firm, ensuring safety and stabiity.
  • Fits almost all phones – clamps open to 85mm.

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